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Track Of The Day: The Blue Stones - One By One

It’s a Sunday, I’ve got a glass of wine in hand and the fire's lit.

The wind is roaring outside, hammering its fist against the window; so, we need something a little heavier for the eardrums, but still providing that mellow Sunday feel.

'One By One' from The Blue Stones is - despite the name - the perfect remedy for the Sunday blues. Enticing me with raspy, lulling vocals, exaggerated further with some entrancing guitar riffs and steady, but compelling drums, this has got to take track of the day on this cold afternoon.

They’ve got a range of brilliant tracks, with the mellower 'Careless' a particular highlight, providing the perfect ambience to accompany a drive. Most of their tracks delve to the heavier side, and rightly so for a band who possess the drumming abilities of Justin Tessier. Take a listen to ‘Be My Fire’, 'Spirit' and ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’ if you’re looking for a bit of rock to shake up your slow Sunday afternoon.

Check them out below:

Images bands own and artwork by Will Richards aka Ill Wookie.



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