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An Interview With Brevin Kim: Breaking Boundaries & Pushing Limits

I don’t say shit like this lightly, but Brevin Kim will be one of the most prolific artists of our time.

Their sound is infused with raw emotion, heavy beats, and captivating hooks.

Their merging of technology with music formulates into a futuristic sound that is paving the way for artists to come. But despite the other-worldly sounds, the boys are also true lyricists, with poignancy penned in every line.

They create entirely unheard soundscapes that the mind can’t quite conceive; whilst their visuals are as intoxicating as the vocals.

Brendan and Callin Paulhus, aka Brevin Kim, are two brothers raised in Massachusetts, for whom music has always been embedded. The boys finally took to the bright lights of LA last year to make music a full-blown focus, and it's paying off... Their music is like nothing I've heard before, and each track punctures me in the heart, bleeding in some new form of previously unrecognised emotion.

We caught up with the duo to learn more about the intentions behind Brevin Kim's sound, and what makes it all worth while...

Hi guys, great to chat with you. Your sound is like nothing I’ve heard before, so I can’t compare you with other artists, you’re incredibly unique. Are there artists that influence you?

Artists feel more like inspiration rather than direct influence. It’s probably a subconscious blend of artists who are currently inspiring us/have inspired us in the past. Some artists that we look up to and possibly bleed into our sound are Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Jean Dawson, Pinegrove, The 1975, Corbin, Paris Texas, Young Thug, Boston, the list goes on… We’re also inspired by film and directors. And chefs…

What’s on your playlist this month?

Corbin on repeat, above all. Paris Texas, Luke Wild, old Childish Gambino, Dijon, Yeat, Phoebe Bridgers. Unreleased Brevin Kim too…

What’s next for Brevin Kim?

A museum 🛸

Favourite song you’ve ever made?

Fathom (interlude). But probably something we haven’t released yet.

We'd love to finally see you live. Have you got plans to tour, if so, where would you like to go most?

We’re planning something for the winter! Excited about that. We'd love to do some shows overseas. But would have to say, we want to perform at a big venue in Boston most of all, see if the hometown love is there…

Why does making music matter to you?

It doesn’t feel like a job. We don’t really talk about our feelings all that much, but we can sing about them. So, it’s a place where we’re able to release what we’re feeling in a unique way and somehow people relate to it - some people even say it’s saved their lives so that’s what really matters. And making a mark. It’s not intentional, but we’d love for people to look back and realise we revolutionised music in some capacity, that we were doing things ahead of the times.

When you’re not making music, what are you up to?

Hanging with friends & family. Watching horror movies. Watching sports. Shooting videos. Taking pictures. Getting outside. Overthinking.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Making movies.

The world is full of change and disruption at the moment, what do you think the world of music will look like in 20 years time?

No clue honestly. It’s hard to picture that far ahead. Music continues to evolve. If we had to guess, what’s on the radio won’t sound much different. Probably the same old pop, but hopefully with more risks, some cooler production, and more abrasive textures. Ultimately, we think the radio will still be pretty cookie cutter and withdrawn. On the other hand, the underground scene will be in a place that is impossible to predict. These people are so innovative it’s hard to guess – but probably something weird as hell. Who knows, maybe even a new made-up language or something.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Making timeless music that pushes the boundaries, and for being good people.

What’s the Brevin Kim motto?

If it sounds good, roll with it.

Big thanks to Brevin Kim for the chat, we can't wait to watch them make it to the moon, this duo are destined for the stars 🚀

Check them out below:

Tracks For Different Vibes:

Slow It Down

Amp It Up:


If You've Got Time... Check Out Some Of Our Favourite Brevin Kim Lyrics:

"Fell in love, but I don't think I did it right" - YOU.F.O

“If this is dreaming, I like being asleep” - Manzanita St.

"I lost my drive, I'm just praying that you broke down too" - Naples

"I know you were trying, you were trying your best" - Naples

"You were there, when i was floating in the deep end,

you my real friend, you my best friend" - Real Friend Best Friend

"She says she knows him, confused with the old him" - he doesn't love her

"I had too much to think, almost drove off the road" - YOU.F.O

"It felt too good, but now it's gotta go down" - Manzanita St.

"I miss the things we had when we were young, but we got way too old" - he doesn't love her

"I can't fathom being without you, for the rest of my life' - fathom - interlude

"Is this really what you want?" - taste



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