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Diveliner - Jumping Into New Realms

Diveliner, the LA-based grunge, pop-punk laced artist has a lot to offer the music scene.

He first burst into our eardrums with an array of self-produced tracks brimming with mellow beats, lyrics of existential angst, and a voice that lingers on the mind for longer than most...

He laments at what could have been in his stellar track 'Basketball'. The track covers a feeling most of us experience a multitude of times over our lives, exasperated at everything that we could have been and everything we didn't do.

The track is a subtle reminder that life is ours for the taking, and we can turn it into whatever we want it to be. The song is probably my favourite of his, hitting me in a way I can’t quite summarise. It’s pure feeling, of a cerebral kind. The song lingers, and without even trying, carves its meaning into your soul.

Diveliner has an incredible ability to take you to another place, with lingering beats that reverberate through his tracks, punctuated by his interchangeable voice that alternates from gravelly angst to haunting, light vocals with a subtle ease.

His music has a transcendental edge to it, particularly exemplified in ‘Say Hello to the Angels’, whilst ‘Devil’ opposes the angelic tone of the former track, and is haunting in equal measure.

He possesses a wonderful ability to breeze through a range of moods over the course of his 2020 album, 'I Can't Sleep'. Whilst some tracks have a haunting edge that get you reminiscing on your life choices and what's to come, other tracks make you forget all your worries. A perfect example of the latter is 'Gaslight!', a track I listen to whenever I need a pep up. As soon as the instrumentals start to build, I can feel the serotonin rush, and I assure you, you'll feel the same. Nostalgia is a key theme throughout his music, and ‘Kids on Drugs’ perfectly encapsulates the ache and desire for the return of our youth.

Diveliner’s a master at summarising the human condition, and his lyrics display the inherently psychological examination of that throughout his tracks:

"Why do we like to watch things bleed? Prey on insecurities" - Fix You

"Hell on earth, it's paradise' - Closer

"You want me to fix you, but I can't even fix myself" - Fix You

"I wouldn’t call this happy, but it’s something" - Basketball

"I gave my heart away; I wish you could" - Heavy Metal

Diveliner is certainly one to watch, so do your ears a favour and go listen to his array of tracks, with songs for different moods listed below.

Tracks For Different Moods:

Feeling Nostalgic?

Need Some Respite From The World?

Going Through A Break-Up?

Something Upbeat?

Like the sound of him? Check out more Diveliner below:



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