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Track Of The Day: Mont Duamel - King Without a Crown

Today, Montreal native Mont Duamel released his latest track, ‘King Without a Crown’, highly anticipated following his previous single ‘Young’.

The GRAMMY-nominated producer Mont Duamel, otherwise known as Billboard, has worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Robyn, Kehlani, and Ariana Grande, so he clearly knows what he's doing.

Today's release, 'King Without a Crown' offers a new perspective from Mont Duamel, one that harnesses deeper vocals, a heavier beat and darker instrumentals. It may well be his best offering yet.

The artist has an incredible roster of tracks under his belt already, especially since he's only been releasing his own music since 2020.

'Find Myself' epitomises the joys of falling in love with the right one, "I can see right through me in her eyes", conveying how sometimes, that one person can show us our true selves more clearly than we've seen ourselves before. He ends with "She's the one that helps me find myself", highlighting how love can help bring us home to somewhere we didn't know existed within us before.

'Eyes On You' is punctuated by his melodic voice, one that transports you along the jagged edges of the sea as the sun sets deeply into its surface.

The vibe of his music takes you to a hazy summers day without fail each time, particularly with his sun-soaked track 'Young'. Bathe in his music as you would the sun's rays, it begs relaxation.

Check out Mont Duamel Below:



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