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When people talk about an artist with an eclectic output of music, they tend to reference a few stylistic changes, but nothing too major from the overall box the artist falls under. It's a whole different story with Lil Dusty G, who takes you from mellow vibes in 'INSECTS' to a summer-fuelled, sultry 'One Of A Kind' that makes you want to dance outdoors as the summer sun beats heavily down and the drinks don't stop pouring. He ventures even further from the sun in 'Ghost Rider', utilising an initial horror-esque voiceover followed by a gnarly undertone to his voice that imbues the track with dark undertones, making you feel you're joining him on his journey down to Hell...

The only constant in his ever-changing musical style is his permeating voice, the kind that hits you in the chest and captures all your senses.

Captivating lyrics that linger on the tongue, and a haunting tone to his voice, Lil Dusty G is genuinely one of the most remarkable artists I've come across in a while.

Rhythmic drums hit with every breath you take, whilst his voice echoes as a transcendental element is weaved in during the track 'Moving', and it had me completely drawn in, losing awareness of my surroundings, and merely focussing on the sound waves that canvassed around me. Burn, infused with the crackles of fire embers, is really something of an audio wonder, as beats hit your eardrums at corresponding times whilst the tempo remains steady, drawing you into a trancelike state... Sit in a candlelit room, and let this one wash over you.

The music is seemingly directionless, foraying away from the emo-synth beats in 'Lie' to a jazz-infused blend that shouldn't work, but really does, in 'UPPERS AND CHEAP LOVE', most notable for its line 'I'm racing to Hell, I'm increasing the speed'. Yet, every song is an individual entity. Rather than songs that work harmoniously to take you on a journey, Lil Dusty G wants you to take each song for what it is. A story in its own right.

There's a song for everyone in his repertoire, with tracks for the most varied tastes. This voice is one I'll be playing on repeat for a while...

Check out Lil Dusty G here...



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