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Bad Feelings - Do You Wanna Get High?

The latest in upcoming music is the two-man band 'Bad Feelings'. Hailing from LA, the duo's single 'Do You Wanna Get High' is bound to get big with the impressive vocal range and instrumental diversity. The song is a power infused alt pop ballad, with some deep male vocals that also strike a serious high note. A song remnant of youth, fantasising about drugs, sex and recklessness.

It's one of those songs you listen to and dwell upon an infinite amount of possibilities, a lulling dream of escape. The name of the band sums up the song in a sense, 'Bad Feelings' , those that accompany such urges of longing, the lingering presence that builds up in us. The desperate yearn to leave the realism we are bound to, and to experience something more. That is a bad feeling; that we need such escape to feel real.

The band offers two more tracks at present, 'Go' and 'Sinner Like You' and these both diverge vastly from the sound of 'Do You Wanna Get High?' Whilst the latter is more infused with melancholy, 'Go' is far more upbeat, and remnant of the US band 'The Drums'. It's a catchy, pop track and it's nice to hear a band with a lot of diversity to their sounds, not limited to one repetitive tone. 'Sinner Like You' bears some resemblance to 'Do You Wanna Get High' as again it's full of ominous tones, however this track takes you to a darker place, with less of a beat than the former.

There's lot more is to come from this band, so whilst it's fresh, listen to 'Do You Wanna Get High' here:


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