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The Coast

Summer may almost be over, but it doesn't mean that the catchiest song to recently appear can't become the summer's top hit. RAC, popular for their remix of London Grammar's 'Strong' and Odeza's 'We Belong' have paired with the Coolwater Set, popular for their hit 'Up To No Good' to release the fusion track 'The Coast'; a turbulent ride that mixes dance, deep drops and entrancing vocals into one cool track.

The track also features Jvzel, an emerging artist with sultry vocals that provoke a feeling of haunting, a lingering inside you. This is a voice that really sticks with you. So far Jvzel has mostly collaborated on tracks, with not many single releases. However, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she releases single tracks, with a voice this good she's got a clear path to musical acclaim.

The track is the epitome of the summer of youth; I envisage myself driving through forest bordered roads in the dead of night, the track surging from the speakers. I see myself jumping into a pool on a crisp summer night, the music penetrating the layers of the water into almost incomprehensible sounds, but with the beat still pounding on. This is the song of summer, adventures, wild and reckless youth. This is the sound you need for the month of summer we have left.

Check it out here:


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