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Feel The Smooth Caress of Milk and Honey

Billie Marten, real name Isabella Sophie Tweddle, has recently offered up a warm caress of a song marked ‘Milk & Honey’. The song is an insight into the nature of love and greed and those who want all the sweetness of love and cannot take the pain that naturally accompanies a relationship. The melancholy undertones operate beneath Marten’s smooth, melted voice whilst an upbeat instrumental amps up around the edges of the track.

The elements bring the piece together in a dichotomy of melancholia and elevation. The track soothes the soul, a calm yet uninhibited offering about the nature of dreams, love and not being able to offer the blinded illusion of sweetness that others yearn for. Billie’s song is poignant, an insightful offering from a youthful mind full of wisdom. She sings of relationships, but not in a cliche manner. Instead, she laments almost, but does so in a captivating manner, decrying people who yearn for too much sweetness, who want to drink too much and cannot understand the opposing duality that embodies love.

Ultimately, the track conveys themes of the greed so omnipresent in society, greed that now encompasses relationships, something meant to be sacred. Her track can be deciphered as a manifesto against the effect of social media on relationships, with online dating apps providing an ceaseless offering of potential matches. This is damaging to the world today, as there is always more, a greater yearning, a desire to sample it all. But instead of having “more than you can drink”, Marten speaks of appreciating that she’s “just content with time well spent” and understands that relationships are not instantaneous, but instead need “roots [to] grow slowly”. This wisdom of Marten’s embellishes the entire track, something that sounds beautiful to listen to alone, but on further introspection provides a wealth of wisdom and poignancy.

This track is a beautiful, haunting comment on the nature of society, love and loss; a truly wonderful thing to behold. Listen below.


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