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Fragility Exemplified: A New Release From Blood Orange - 'I Know'

Yesterday, Blood Orange, or Devonté Hynes, released the video for his track 'I Know'. I've always been a fan of Blood Orange, and this track was no exception. Yet, notably there was a shift in style, with this track and the accompanying video far more gentle: soft, intimate and with an air of vulnerability.

Hynes powerful voice is typically the predominant aspect of his tracks, yet here it was more subsided: ethereal and lingering, gently - a trace that you try to grasp and cannot, because it is gone too quickly.

The video conveys a delicate balance of intimacy, teaching and respect. It is compelling: with strong yet delicate ballet movements, the dancing embodies all the characteristics a human being possesses; both males and females. The instrumentals veer on classic in their genre, a new dimension to Hynes' work. The track covets fragility and beauty.

The learning exhibited in the video conveys the respect for a craft, the intent to learn and dedication to hone a skill. The mirroring reflects who we look up to, what we want to be and who we are. The black and white colours that are used are arguably symbolic; with black and white clothing and skin, male and female. Opposites on perception, yet despite their visual differences the mirroring only enforces that we ultimately, we are all the same. We are all as one.

Hynes bares an openness, conveyed by his direct gaze into the camera in the first segment of the video. This whole theme of vulnerability is further exaggerated in the lightness; the candid smiles and intimate gestures that portray the honesty delivered in this video. There is no facade.

The video, and song are symbiotic in their display of all that is gentle, soft and at peace.

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