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Jamie Sloan: Taking Us Back - A Rework of 'Kids'

The sound of MGMT's 'Kids' is bound to get a whole generation of us feeling nostalgic; the light, upbeat sounds of their indie-electro track that had us all happily mellow and content for years. So, when I heard there was a reworking of the song, I was dubious. However, as soon as Jamie Sloan's gravelly voice took over I was gripped.

The whole instrumentals of the track are of a different tone: gone is the airy, trance-inducing instrumentals. Instead, Sloan has replaced them with a folksy guitar: creating an entirely new sound.

The remnants of the original are there, but this track is so starkly different that it doesn't try to recreate or compete with MGMT's version. Instead, it is something entirely different, isolated in its being; and brilliant. The vocalisation in the track is preeminent: despite Sloan's husky tone he diverges between pitch and captures each range to the highest degree.

This track is perfect for unwinding on a rainy day, and for capturing that bit of nostalgia of a time that was more carefree.

Take a listen over on Spotify or Itunes.

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