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Entrancing: 'Follow You Home' from Matt Millz - The Melt & NYG Remix

Matt Millz is known for his capturing vocals and indie tracks, the perfect music to chill out to. However, his track 'Follow You Home' has been taken in an entirely different direction by producers Melt & NYG who remixed the track and took it to a whole new place.

If described, the remix would sound like a antithetical mess, a clashing mixture of both sensual spa music and indie vocals, yet in the remix, somehow Melt & NYG made it work. The instrumentals themselves are entrancing, jungle island sounds that escort you away to a lost land of animalistic nature, waterfalls and imagery fused into your head of the sunlight creeping delicately onto your face.

Then in come the vocals of Matt Millz, tender but deep enough to imprint their essence upon you. As with the rest of the remix, the vocals were bound to surprise you, and sure enough at the 3.00 minute mark Millz throws in a husky growl, further accentuating the animalistic presence inherent in the track.

The original track is great, a soothing indie gem, but it is strikingly different in comparison to Melt & NYG's remix; completely absent are the jungle sounds that float you off to a tropical paradise. Melt & NYG's twist on the track definitely adds a varied dimension and is worth a listen for the unique sound it portrays.

Check it out below:


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