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Terror Jr - Ready For Musical Domination

Terror Jr, the new artist to emerge out of nowhere, no literally, nowhere.

‘Three Strikes’ is potentially the catchiest song to erupt on the scene in a while, with female vocals remnant of ‘Tinashe’ offered up in both an ethereal and pop collective. The use of male vocals integrate into the track, beating up an otherwise siren-esque track, forming a slightly rougher edge than the usual pop offering.

The track balances a mix of haunting vocals over synth, followed by an entrancing beat with a fusion of pop vocals and an RnB husk provided by the unknown male voice. The track offers a perspective into the all-absorbing nature of love, or lust, with lyrics such as ‘hold me down for one night’ and ‘taste me’. The sexual undertones resonate with any audience, male or female as we’ve all experience the all consuming force of passion, how it induces a state of mind where all we can do is think about the one of our affections. This stuck on your mind perspective is metaphorically conveyed through the repetition of ‘hold on me’ and portrays the beauty of lust in how it can free us, with ‘break me’ conveying a literally enabling of escaping the monotony of society we get trapped into, breaking us out of it. Lyrically, the track is poetic, but in a simplisitc manner. It doesn’t use elongated metaphors or rhyme, but instead uses a few poignant lines to deliver it’s message. It’s effective, and wow will it get stuck in your head.

Apart from the track itself, which stands alone as a hit, the music video itself differs from the norm, as the track is used in Kylie Jenner’s ‘Glosses’ advert. A typical femme fatale feature that utilises a barren wasteland to emphasise the sheer beauty and independence of the women in the video. The video conveys a feminist approach to the world today, with women acting for themselves and distancing themselves from the male control. Thus, the video offers a clear social message and does this in order to advertise lipstick, which itself is different to the usual music video scene. However, the advert/music video is significant in nod towards the previously dichotomous notion that today women can be feminine, adorning themselves in makeup and still taking control and asserting their own independence.

Speculation maintains that ‘Terror Jr’ could be Kylie Jenner herself, and with Jenner stating that she’d like to begin a career in music and the term ‘Jr’ perhaps conveying Jenner, it could be likely. If so, I’m impressed, the vocals blend together in an alternation of beautifully hit low and high notes. The song is seriously catchy and perhaps this assertive music video/advert conveys the musical domination of ‘Terror Jr’ that’s bound to arise.


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