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Foy Vance and the Songs composed of Fire

Fire is a theme focussed upon by Foy Vance, with ‘Into The Fire’ and ‘She Burns’ two of his most wonderful musical offerings. The notion of fire addresses a variety of themes, from passion to destruction, forgetting and the inability to take your gaze away from the wonder in front of you.

‘Into The Fire’ was released a while ago, back in 2012 but never really got the media focus it deserves. A haunting melody with a beautifully eerie sound remnant of Bon Iver and soft instrumentals. This track is exquisite, a truly calm song that causes you to lose yourself in a gentle lull of beauty and reflective tendencies. Foy really stunned with this track, emphasising the stand alone beauty of his voice, something so soothing it could almost be used as a lullaby.

Four years has changed a lot, and Foy’s latest release ‘She Burns’ conveys a slightly new genre, with the same beautiful voice but an introduction of reggae undertones and a Jack Johnson-esque sound. The accompanying music video features a beautiful, doe-eyed Lucy Hale in a stunning black and white visual, furthering the gentle nature of Foy’s music. The track keeps in alignment with the calming hush of Foy’s voice, yet this track offers a bit more pinch, with the song fuelled by a little more fire. Perhaps the calm notion of stepping ‘Into The Fire’ has been taken up a notch by ferocity of burning, hence giving a little more funk to ‘She Burns’.

Take a listen to ‘Into The Fire’ and ‘She Burns’ below:


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