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Dua Lipa: Girl of the Year

Dua Lipa is enigmatic, enticing you with trippy visuals, an incredible array of outfits and chaotic movements. She burst on the scene in 2015 with ‘New Love’ and has been unstoppable since, with her tracks all offering a unique combination of smoky vocals, upbeat sounds and original music videos conveying Dua’s incredible style.

Her latest track, ‘Last Dance’ has the music industry talking and has cemented her place as one of the upcoming artists of the year. The lyrics of the song are dreamy, with the line ‘you’re the only thing I know’ resonating the all consuming nature of love. The track itself is a wonder, full of entrancing beats, husky vocals and the music video is arguably one of the best features, further extenuating the song. An entrancing, acid-fuelled wonderland is really the only way to describe the music video, with a forest of obscured colours filling the screen.

Full of cheeky smiles and tongue gestures, you can really see the authentic rawness in Dua’s work. She is genuinely having fun with what she does and wants to express that to her viewers; instead of offering a poised, polished piece that disconnects the viewer from the artist and idolises them. Dua is real, she wants you to relate to her, but ultimately it seems that she just wants you to have as much fun with her music as she does. It’s evident that other artists are in agreement with this statement about Dua’s ability, with artists such as ‘Dillistone’ and ‘Shy Luv’ doing their own remixes of her track ‘Be The One’.

With only three original tracks and two covers under her belt so far, it is evident that there is so much more to come from Dua. Her originality and upbeat, alternative pop songs make her perfect for the upcoming summer and I’m sure her name will be gracing festival stages soon enough. It’s easy to name Dua the female artist of the year, with a mass of incredible tracks already created and the undeniable potential she has to come, she is definitely the one to watch.

View ‘Last Dance’ here:


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