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Aaricia's EP Release: The Ruler

Aaricia recently came onto the scene with her first EP, ‘The Ruler’; I reviewed her debut track, also titled ‘The Ruler’ and was keen to hear more. Before ‘The Ruler’ the only song available was a beautiful rendition of Travis Scott’s ‘Drugs You Should Try Them’ which Aaricia blended with her sensual vocals and trippy backing music. ‘The Ruler’ however is a completely new sound and combines sultry vocals with powerful, message invoking lyrics and an array of deep, dark and electric instrumentals.

The EP itself came out a few weeks ago, however I haven’t had chance to fully review it until now due to travel commitments, all I can summarise is that is was definitely worth the wait.

The tracks are perfect for vibing out with this summer and will carry you on a torrent that will flow over you; with eclectic beats, almost sinister instrumentals and catchy lyrics. Let ‘The Ruler’ take over you this summer.

My highlights of the EP are "Losing You' and 'Too Late', they're the more emotional tracks but they convey a lot of intent behind them. For the upbeat hits, especially the perfect song for your pres,"Blow"check out the 'Best For' section at the bottom of this post!

“Losing You” is remnant of the soundtrack from the film ‘Drive’ with deep, haunting electrical beats that numb you to an extent. The track is melancholic, with a transition from repetitive beats to ethereal instrumentals and a voice that laments loss. The lines “falling to pieces” and “loosing all I know” conveys the feeling that we loose all who we are when we loose someone we love; but it’s about gaining the recognition that, eventually, we, as an individual, still remain.

"Too Late" is a track that takes charge, discussing the hope we automatically obtain when starting a new romantic venture, and the eventual pitfall that can so often happen. Aaricia sings about what happens when the realisation of this dead end finally hits. Her voice is soulful, and continually mellow in this track. The pivotal lyric here is ’hoping for a better excuse, but you’re too late’ -emphasising the many chances we tend to give loved ones, until we finally realise the lack of reciprocation is too much and we begin take charge of our own fate. This is the perfect track if you tend to get walked over, it’s a track about taking control and acting for yourself.

The title track, ‘The Ruler’ was discussed in detail in a previous blog post so check it out here:

Best For:

Reflecting: “Too Late” "Losing You"

Going Out/House: ‘Blow’, ‘In The Dark’, "Every Little Word"

Feeling Powerful: ‘Downfall’, ‘The Ruler’


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