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Aaricia’s ‘The Ruler’ Music Video

Aaricia, a Montreal based artist has released her new EP entitled ‘The Ruler’, but here I'm examining the debut title track from her EP; a dark visual accentuating the dualism of dominance and submission in regards to love, sex and power.

The classic theme of an indecisive love song is given another dimension due to the dominatrix element of the track and the forbidding imagery used in the visual. This is in alignment with the whole EP, with songs such as ‘Blow’ and ‘In The Dark’ furthering the gothic genre focussed upon in the visual for ‘The Ruler’. Whilst the track conveys sexual undertones, it also addresses often undiscussed issues of the torn feelings surrounding dominant relationships, with indecisiveness often mentioned.

However, whilst a subtle hint of fifty shades of grey is evident in regard to the sexual domination, with lines such as “a rope around my neck” and “no choice but to let you rule” sung, Aarica also creates a dichotomy and offers a feminist approach, as she herself begins to dominate, conveyed visually by the throne she sits upon in the video. The power complex shifts to her in the latter half of the song as she realises she has to “say goodbye again”, thus giving her the control that she seeks. These themes are all accompanied by spectral visuals and Aaricia’s smoky, sensual vocals in a way that makes it possible for you to enjoy the track both with and without a deeper level of the thought behind these themes. The visuals and vocals stand alone, and the deeper analysis purely furthers the themes of the track.

Aaricia herself possesses a slight look of Ariana Grande, particularly with the sleek ponytail she wears as she sits upon the throne, and like Ariana, she has the strong vocals to match. Her voice is a blend of husk and soul, keeping you hooked and carrying the visual further so you keep listening.

The blend of mirroring and double shots featured in the visuals makes for an intriguing watch, as the whole video absorbs you into a realm of darkness, lust and sensuality with the altering focus on Aaricia’s lips and eyes in certain shots causing you to pay attention to both the dominance and the passion conveyed in the track. Overall, both a great watch and listen, and with the EP out shortly, Aaricia herself really is set to dominate.

Watch the visual here and make sure to check out the lowdown on ‘The Ruler’ EP:


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