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Hear The Murmure

Originating in Montreal, ’Murmure’ are a band composed of Rachel Mayer and Keven Carrière. The hushed, transcendental tones of ‘Murmures’, a track named after the bands name encapsulates the dreamy, sleep-like tones of the artists, whose calm nature is reflected in the music they produce. The French band offer an almost metaphysical tone to their music, with ‘Emporte-Nous’ embodying church like tones, of organ music and vocals remnant of choralists. Whilst you are initially ushered along by these ethereal tones, ‘Emporte-Nous’ suddenly brings in a heavy guitar break and entirely changes the tone of the track. This break in gives it a more uplifting feel and casts it into a typically dichotomous genre that encompasses both alternative rock and classical.

The soothing tones of ‘Murmure’ are similar in nature to the sounds of the Icelandic band ‘Sigur Rós’ and, speaking with ‘Murmures’, they cite the band as one of their main sources of inspiration for the ‘Self-Title Album’; as ‘Explosion in the Sky’ and ‘Christopher Willits’ also influence their own musical creations. Yet, the band looks set to take a turn in direction regarding the style of their music, stating that they’re ‘looking to experiment with vocal sounds without having typical lyrics and conventional song structure.’ This resonates with the style of ‘Sigur Rós’, the band infamous for their track ‘Hoppípolla’ whose tend to create mellow, electronic beats embodied by the occasional vocal to draw out the emphasis of the track. When lyrics are used in ‘Murmure’s’ tracks, they are done opportunely to impact and highlight certain features embedded in what is predominantly musical. Vocals are instead used to fully demonstrate the beauty of the music, and to highlight certain aspects of this, not to dictate and draw away from the music.

‘Murmure’ are now looking to ‘explore new soundscape and influences’, with the work of artists such as ‘Goldmund’, ‘Helios’ and ‘Eluvium’ inspiring the new releases they have planned for this year. These new musical creations will be focused on the ‘instrumental, textured and ambient’. The sounds of the latter artists differ to the former in their utilisation of vocals, with ‘Goldmund’ typically creating lyric-less tracks and instead composing instrumental pieces that strike you on an emotional level of feeling rather than a metaphorical embodiment of verbalised thought. The classical genre of these new inspirations indicates a sentiment of calm to come with ‘Murmure’s’ new releases. The band says that they aim to ‘focus more on piano arrangements’, the instrument fundamental to the classical genre. This veers away from the previously haunting, metaphysical vocals into a disembodied creation of ambient calm. The music of ‘Murmure’ already embodies this atmospheric musical style, however with the lack of lyrics, this will now be further emphasised within their work.

Thank you to ‘Murmure’ for the interview, and we look forward to hearing your new releases.

Check them out here:

Best For Your Mood:


‘Aube Floue’ – a musically intense track, reaching rises at numerous times in the track, with light vocals tracing over the heavy musical composition. Perfect for:studying, relaxing, sleep.

‘Murmures’ – a soft piano traces around wordless vocals of an angelic feel, perfect for studying as you’re not distracted by lyrics.


‘Sans Un Mot’ – Ethereal tones lay over a calming track that builds progressively, perfect for loosing yourself in a sleep like state.


‘Emporte-Nous’ – An initially soothing track that brings in a heavier tone in the latter half of the track.

‘Impatiente’ – This is arguably one of most lyrical tracks that the band has created, and whilst a little heavier than the rest, it’s no less beautiful.


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